Management of The Trust

The Trust is governed by a Board of Directors, the composition of which was specified in the planning agreement and the Articles of Association of The Trust (which form part of that agreement).  The number of Directors varies from time to time but currently totals ten, with all directors having one equal vote.


One director is appointed by South Kesteven District Council, and another by Bourne Town Council.  Representatives of the lead developer (Kier Living) and the original landowners also serve on the board.  The final appointee represents Bourne Elsea Park Primary Academy (and is usually the Chair of its Board of Governors).

The remaining directors all live on Elsea Park and are either Owner Directors or Resident Directors.  The positions of Chair and Vice Chair are always filled by Owner Directors, and there are currently five Owner Directors.


Owner Directors are unpaid volunteers, who have responded to occasional trawls for new board members.  If you are a Trust Member who might be interested in becoming an Owner Director, please contact the Trust office.


You can meet the directors here

During the COVID-19 Emergency the office remains closed to visitors except by appointment

Please, whenever possible,
contact us by email using the appropriate address on our main contact page


Office Hours

Mon: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Tue:   8:30am – 5:00pm

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