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       Selling or Buying a    Property on Elsea Park                                FAQs

Q - I am moving from one house on the development to another house on the development do my payments just move to the new property?

A - No, I’m afraid for every new purchase on the development the buyer is required to pay an administration fee of £100 and a full year’s charge currently £274.97  We cannot deviate from this as it was set out in the original agreement when The Trust was formed.  Any direct debit payment on the old property will be cancelled and you will need to complete another direct debit mandate for the new property when you next receive an invoice from us.


Q - I have heard that everyone needs a Deed of Variation is that true?

A - Not everyone will need to complete a Deed of Variation.  A Deed of Variation is only required if your mortgage lender requires it as this amends the wording of our restriction on the property with regards to how we collect arrears of The Yearly Charge and some lenders are not happy with current wording.


Q - I’m moving home soon do I need to notify you?

A - It is always a good idea to let us know when you have an expected completion date for your sale to ensure that we receive the relevant items for your sale from the solicitors and to allow cancellation of any future direct debit payments.


Q - I moved out months ago but you have still sent me an invoice?

A - It can sometimes take a few months for solicitors to forward to us the relevant paperwork etc to notify us of your completion.  It is a good idea to contact us to let us know what has happened so that we can chase these items


Q - I’m buying a Property on Elsea Park can I set up a direct debit to pay my Yearly Charge?

A - The initial charge paid on completion is required in full as we have to adhere to the original agreement when The Trust was formed but you will be able to from the following year’s invoice.  Details will be included with your invoice on how to set this up.


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