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     Yearly payment Q&A

Q - When are the invoices due?

A - We send out the invoices around the end of February for payment by 1st April annually (unless you pay by direct debit, payment is then not due by 1st April you will be notified of the collection dates and amounts)


Q - What are the payment methods?

A - You can scan the QR code on your invoice, by debit or credit card payments over the telephone or in person, payment direct into our account (you must use your account reference as the payment reference so that we can allocate your payment to your account), we accept a cheque (please write your account reference on the reverse), or you can follow the instructions on your invoice to set up a direct debit.


Q - How long does my direct debit run and how much are my payments?

A - Your direct debit will be taken each year over 10 monthly payments and you will be notified how much that years payments will be before the first payment is taken on 1st April annually.  Once set up your direct debit will roll over to the next year so you do not need to re-apply.


Q - Why have my direct debit payments stopped?

A - Your direct debit payments will stop if you notify us that you have moved.  A payment may not have been collected due to insufficient funds or your bank have received a direct debit cancellation request from you.  Please contact us if you need to discuss your direct debit payments as soon as you realise there is an issue so that you do not fall into arrears with your payments to us.


Q - Can my direct debit payment be on a different date?

A - Currently no, although there are plans to increase collections to give the choice of 2 dates, you will be notified if this is implemented.   We offer the direct debit facility at our expense as we are charged by the direct debit facility provider for the collections and allowing people to have collections on different days of each month would cost us much more. 


Q - I am having financial difficulties how can you help?

A - Please contact us to discuss any options available with our accounts department.  If you are not already paying by direct debit this could be an option for you.  If this is a temporary financial issue, we may be able to help.


Q - I live in a small flat and I am the only occupier is there a discount on my charge?

A - I’m afraid every property is required to pay the same amount regardless of how many people live there or the size of the property.


Q - What do I pay you for?

A - All new developments of more than 25 homes are now subject to an estate management company such as ourselves because the councils do not want to take on responsibility for any further green spaces.  We are responsible for maintaining the open green spaces of the development which are under our ownership.  There are areas on the development where land has not been transferred to us yet and they are still maintained by the developer. Click for more information


Q - I have a problem with my property can you help me?

A - We are not involved with the privately owned buildings themselves.  If you have a problem with the building you may need to contact the developer that built your home or the freeholder/landlord of the property. 

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