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                 Other FAQs

Q - Neighbour disputes can you help?

A - We cannot get involved in neighbour disputes, if you are in dispute with your neighbour you will need to seek legal advice and look at using the civil courts to resolve the issue if all other attempts have failed.  If you need to know if a boundary is yours or your neighbours we may have a copy of the plans, please contact us.


Q - Parking dispute can you help?

A - The roads are not under Elsea Park Community Trusts remit and therefore there is very little we can do although we do proactively promote good parking practice.  If the parking is illegal please refer this to the Police non emergency number 101.  The Trust regularly reminds people in our Newsletter which is delivered to every home on the Elsea Park development to please park considerately.


Q – Is parking on the pavements in the development illegal?

A – No unless its causing an obstruction, if it is please contact the Police via 101 and report is as an obstruction, this applies to both adopted and unadopted roads.    


Q – Anti-Social behaviour can you help?

A – Anti-Social behaviour falls under the remit of either the Police or the District Council.

 Contact Lincolnshire Police if there is a criminal aspect to the activity via the 101 number  and South Kesteven District counil if it is purely anti-social behaviour. Report anti-social behaviour (southkesteven.gov.uk)  We have CCTV covering the main Cooks Field play area located next to the Community Centre and will share this with the Police and The District Council if requested to assist in the detection or reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour.


Q - The street light is not working can you help?

A - The street lights do not and will not ever be under The Trusts ownership.  If the lamp post has a P number on it, it has been adopted by the local authority and you will need to report it to them if their is  a fault Click here to report an adopted street lighting fault  if there is no P number then the  developer is still responsible for maintaining the lighting click link to developers contact details 

.  We are happy to help direct you to the person responsible for the lighting in question.


Q - The roads are covered in mud can you clean them?

A - The roads do not come under The Trusts ownership.  Please contact the person/company responsible for the mess.  Click link to developers contact details


Q - What can you do about speeding cars?

A -  We have a transportable interactive speed indicator  that we move around the development to show drivers their actual speed and hopefully deter people from speeding, this also logs how many cars are actually speeding.  If you are experiencing speeding issues in an area on the development, please notify us and we may be able to locate our Interactive  speed indicator  somewhere in that area for a few weeks to help educate those drivers and hopefully deter the speeders.


Q- I need to report a dangerious driver 

A- Please report the incident to https://www.lincs.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-beta-2.1/report-a-road-traffic-incident/ where you will be given the opertunity to download any dash cam footage you may have of  the incident. 


Q - Something is wrong with my home and it needs fixing can you help

A - I’m afraid we are not involved with the privately owned properties.  If your property is still under warranty please contact the developer or warranty provider click link to developers contact detrails.  If your property is no longer under warranty I’m afraid any repairs is down to the owner 

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