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      AGP Pitch Hire FAQs

Q - How do I make a booking?

A - You can make a booking and pay for the booking through our website Click to Book .  If you have any questions or need further assistance please email enquiries@agp.elseapark.co.uk.


Q - How do I find the pitch?

A - Click here for the what3word directions


Q - How do I get into the Pitch and Pavilion?

A - Either our caretaker will open up for you or we will send out a digital key invite to enable self open and close of the pitch using a mobile phone.  You will only have entry to the toilet facilities in the pavilion unless you have a match when the changing rooms and showers will be available on request.  If you want use of the pavilion this is at an extra charge of £17.00 an hour.


Q - How do I know which part of the pitch is the quarter/half I’ve booked?

A - There is a diagram Click Link to Diagram


Q - Who do I contact if something goes wrong during my hire?

A - for emergencies only (this includes problems securing the building as you leave) please call 07899 844552.


Q - What footwear is allowed?

A - Please see image below

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