Chair / Owner Director

Jono Brough




Jono joined the board in March 2012, and was appointed as Chairman in April 2015

Vice Chair / Owner Director

Michael Marren




Michael joined the board in November 2016

School Representative

Peter Bellamy




Peter joined the board in September 2020

Dan Browne


Dan joined The Board in 2008,  originally representing the lead developer.  He was invited to remain on the board when he left them due to his extensive knowledge of Elsea Park and its history.

Landowner's Representative 

Adam Cooke


Adam joined the board in 2010

Bourne Town Council Appointed Director

Paul Fellows




Paul joined the board in May 2013

Resident Director

Peggy Kent




Peggy joined the board in February 2017


Owner Director

Emma Shorrock




Emma joined the board in October 2020

Owner Director

Mark Underwood




Mark joined the board in September 2018

SKDC Appointed Director

Robert Reid




Robert joined the board in August 2016

During the COVID-19 Emergency the office remains closed to visitors except by appointment

Please, whenever possible,
contact us by email using the appropriate address on our main contact page


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