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The Centre

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Chair / Owner Director

Jono Brough

email: jono.brough@elseapark.co.uk


Jono joined the board in March 2012, and was appointed as Chairman in April 2015

Developer's (Kier Living) Representative 

Dan Browne


Dan is the Land Director at Kier Living.

Landowner's Representative 

Adam Cooke



Elsea Park School Representative 

Joanne Derrick

email: joanne.derrick@elseapark.co.uk


Joanne represents The Board of Governors of Elsea Park School and joined the  board in September 2016


Bourne Town Council Appointed Director

Paul Fellows

email: paul.fellows@elseapark.co.uk


Paul joined the board in May 2013

Owner Director

James Fordham

email: james.fordham@elseapark.co.uk


James joined the board in July 2016

Resident Director

Peggy Kent

email: peggy.kent@elseapark.co.uk


Peggy joined the board in February 2017


Vice Chair / Owner Director

Michael Marren

email: michael.marren@elseapark.co.uk


Michael joined the board in November 2016

SKDC Appointed Director

Robert Reid

email:  r.reid@southkesteven.gov.uk


Robert was appointed to the board in August 2016

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