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2020 Annual Charge - Payment Break Option

The Trust have decided to follow the government announcement regarding a three-month mortgage payment break and implement the same policy to the Yearly Payment (often referred to as the Annual Charge).


Whether you intend to pay the full amount in a single payment on 1st April or via our Direct Debit scheme, you are welcome to defer payment until 1st July 2020 to provide some respite from any financial difficulty that you may be experiencing at this time.


We do, however, ask that you contact The Trust Office to state that you would like to take up this offer so we can make a note on your records.  If payment is not made by 1st April and no contact has been received from you, we will send the usual chase letter but we’ll also mention the deferment offer at the time.  But please help to reduce our administrative effort by contacting us rather than waiting for the chase letter if you want to take advantage of the payment break.


We appreciate that this will only benefit those that own their home, but we can’t control what private landlords or housing associations may do, and we would encourage you to make contact with your landlord to see if there is anything that they can do for you, and you may be aware that the government have announced legislation that means nobody will be evicted from their home due to the inability to pay their rent.


We’d like this message to reach as wide an audience as possible and would ask that you inform any family, friends, or neighbours who live on Elsea Park of this offer if you are aware that they don’t use social media or the web.


As we find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances, a dynamic approach is being implemented and we’ll continually assess the situation and react accordingly.


Contact details are below (and emails are preferable to a phone call as we can provide an email acknowledgement of your request).


Please ensure you include your Account Reference number in any correspondence.



Tel:       01778 423062

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