9 Sep 2019 


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9 September 2019


Bourne Heights Footpath


Plans have been finalised for the footpath (please see the plan below).

Once Planning Permission is granted we will commence work on the path as soon as possible. 

1 September 2019


Proposed Development by Persimmon Homes


Persimmon Homes have recently carried out a leaflet drop on Elsea Park to homes that are near their proposed development of Zones 6A and 7 (part of) for some 230 dwellings before they finalise their plans and submit a planning application to South Kesteven District Council.

They are keen to seek the views of the wider population of Elsea Park, and all residents are invited to view the plans via this link:



This is an unusual approach, and The Trust urges all residents to view the detailed information and submit any comments directly to Persimmon Homes at this email address:    emidplanningsites@persimmonhomes.com


Please note that the deadline for comments is 13 September 2019

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